Men's Online Support Groups

for Porn and Sex Addicts & their Spouses.

Do you struggle with lust?

  • Have you damaged relationships because of your addiction?
  • Do you experience shame or guilt because of compulsive behaviors?
  • Is your spouse threatening to leave you because of your problem?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are not in control of your own body?
  • Have you tried to stop and no matter how hard you try- you just can't?
  • Have you realized you can't overcome your addiction alone?

We're a non-profit that helps men & their spouses reclaim control of their lives from sexual addiction.

Don’t listen to the lies that say that you will always have this problem. We have a 20 year track record and thousands of men who say otherwise. We host online support groups that will help you build healthy accountability and relationships. We understand you and want to tell you that you are not alone. 


If you've realized that you can't win the porn battle alone, you need a Captives Free Support Group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Captives Free program uses a unique “core issue” approach to identify and process your life story; that is the wounds in your past that you are trying to medicate with your behavior. These wounds come from your family of origin, from traumatic experiences, and hurtful messages that came from or effected your relationships. Opening up and processing that understanding is the key to making changes in how you respond to these triggers and to avoiding the destructive cycles of behavior. As you grow in this ability to respond in healthier ways, the behaviors and consequences you desire to avoid will become less frequent.

A support group is a gathering of people with shared objectives who hold each other accountable in pursuing and reaching those objectives. The group meets regularly to share their individual progress toward those goals, and to offer mutual support and accountability.

Weekly attendance is strongly encouraged. In fact, there are many who advise daily meetings in the critical early stages of recovery. After all, consistency, discipline, and accountability are key elements in changing how you medicate your core wounds and learning to respond to your triggers in healthy ways

The Captives Free Guide leads through three levels of examination of seven individual principles, for a total of twenty-one assignments. The concept is to repeat this cycle multiple times, in order to reinforce understanding of those seven principles, and to encourage you to take on broader roles in the program as your recovery progresses. Those roles involve helping others coming along behind you to reach their goals and making lasting recovery available to more and more of God’s people. Refer to the Captives Free Recovery Plan for more information on the expected progression through that journey, with emphasis on the first twelve months.

Captives Free groups are real support groups, not merely study groups, and the “core issue” recovery model focuses on the issues that are driving your behavior, and not just on the behavior itself. Once you can identify those core issues, you are in a much better position to avoid the related triggers and handle them in healthier ways. This program is designed to help you heal from those wounds—to get well and not to just get sober. To experience real transformation.

We have a growing list of online groups that meet using Zoom or similar technologies to bring together members from many locations. In addition, there are a number of in-person groups in locations around the country. Do not let the absence of a local group keep you from joining us. The available technologies make video based on-line groups highly effective in providing the mutual support and accountability that are critical to the support group process.

Absolutely. You receive your own copy of the Captives Free Men’s Workbook with your Membership. You will be able to benefit from the assignments meaningfully and participate in group discussions.

Captives Free Men's Workbook Captives Free Men's Devotional eBook Captives Free Men's Workbook (Digital Version) Facilitator's Guide for Men & Women: Making Facilitating Men or Women Sexual Addiction Recovery Groups a Breeze Orientation Guide for Men: The Beginning Journey (L.I.F.E. Orientation Guide)

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It’s encouraging to see what long-lasting freedom from this sin looks like. In our group, God has shown me not only that I’m not alone in this war against sexual sin, but that this war can actually be won.


The workbook gave me the tools to get sober. The brothers provided support, encouragement, and accountability. I needed both to move past my addiction. 


What I appreciate most about Captives Free Group is I get to battle with other brave men who have the courage to admit they are completely helpless but now are experiencing victories in the fellowship of other warriors.