L.I.F.E. Recovery is Now Captives Free

L.I.F.E. Recovery is Now Captives Free

It has been some twenty years since we launched L.I.F.E. Ministries International and began addressing the issues of sexual addiction in our culture from a Biblical and Christ-centered perspective.  We were much a fore-runner in many ways, focused on support groups, and introducing the role of core wounds and other unique elements into our materials and methods.  The Lord has mightily blessed our work during those two decades, leading us to outstanding authors who are acknowledged experts in the field, the first being the late Dr. Mark Laaser; and by leading hundreds of churches to form support groups for men, spouses, women and couples.  The resulting library of workbooks and other resources have influenced the lives of probably tens of thousands of struggling addicts and their families through those support groups across the country, and overseas as well. 

During that time we’ve made some updates and revisions to our resources and our branding, but our original concepts, addressing of core wounds, and overall messaging has remained fairly consistent.  The world we live in has not remained consistent, however, but has changed dramatically during these intervening years.  The whole concept of communication and connectedness, so central to the recovery process, is far different that it was those twenty years ago.  Social media is now a standard medium for both personal communication and dissemination of information.  The sexual addiction problem, if anything, has only grown due to these technological advances, and continues to affect the Body of Christ to an extent similar to the culture at large.  If we’re to remain effective and relevant, our ministry must now do more than merely evolve—it needs to be refreshed and renewed. 

L.I.F.E. Recovery is now Captives Free! 

The first thing to notice is our totally new website, which incorporates the new colors, logo, graphics, fonts, and branding elements of Captives Free.  All of these components of our “identity” are new, fresh, exciting, and relevant for today.  We’re also launching a major effort to improve the communication and connection between the ministry and  all the groups who are using our current materials, to create a community of recovery, where group leaders and sponsoring churches can exchange information, share lessons learned, and celebrate each other’s successes.  We’ll be focusing on expanding the number and availability of our Tele-Life groups too, for those in areas where Captives Free groups don’t currently exist. 

Additionally, we will soon start releasing new Editions of our primary printed resources, beginning with the Second Edition Men’s Guide which will be dedicated to the memory of Dr. Mark Laaser, creator of our Seven Principles and three Assignment level recovery program and author of the original version.  Much has changed over the years of this ministry, and the recovery community at large now recognizes the role of neuro-chemistry, the limbic system, family systems history, and other such subjects, in addition to core wounds, in addressing the causes and process of recovery from sexual addiction.  We’ll be selectively incorporating elements of all these concepts and more in our future resources and communications, while carefully retaining the original truth and wisdom of our time-tested materials and methodologies. 

There will also be a major new focus on social media and the related environment within our culture today.  Our presence in these environments will be a great addition to our new Internet profile and help make more of the Christian community aware of the help our groups can offer in addressing this issue within the church and the culture at large.